We offer a variety of training options designed to fit into your busy lifestyle. 

From group classes to 1:1 personal training - we've got you covered. 

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Personal Training

Sometimes, reaching your goals requires a little extra assistance and that's where our personal training packages come in. 

We offer a handful of options designed for you, your goals, and your budget. 


Power Yoga Vinyasa Flow

Meet Kathy. 

She has been practicing yoga for 5 years and recently earned my 200 hour yoga teacher certification in March of 2020.


The style of her yoga practice is a power vinyasa flow, which is an energetic form of yoga where we move from one pose to the next connecting our breath to our movements. She has worked out all her life but when she turned 50 she kept injuring herself.


She quickly realized she was spending more time recovering than working out. Right about that same time her mom died by suicide so not only was she broken on the outside, but shattered on the inside.


She decided to try yoga even though she never considered it a workout and, after some time, it totally changed her life.


In Kathy's own word, "Yoga is a mind and body practice with endless benefits such as increased flexibility and muscle strength, improved respiration, energy, and sleep as well as reduces stress and fights depression. I became a yoga teacher to share my joy of yoga and help others the way yoga has helped me."

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Massage Services


Meet Jen! 


Jen Mills, LMT, LE


Jen is a Pennsylvania Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician.  She has always had an interest in helping others so landing in the healthcare field was a natural fit.  She uses her knowledge in Swedish massage, Neuro Muscular massage, Myofascial Release and Sports massage to create a massage specific to your 

needs.  Jen is also Reflexology certified.  


In her time away from massage, Jen is a proud Mom of three amazing sons; she enjoys biking, hiking, traveling and absolutely loves to smile and laugh.  LevelUp is so excited to have Jen as part of the team allowing us to offer the overall wellness experience with fitness, nutrition and recovery!  


Neuromuscular Massage:

Neuromuscular Massage therapy is therapeutic in nature. Therefore it will interrupt the pain and contraction cycle of tight, hard and painful muscles and surrounding tissues. Similarly, it allows healing to occur quickly by ushering the inflow of oxygenated blood which brings in nutrients and flushes toxins out. Also, it re-educates muscles to relax and cease being tight to the point of experiencing pain, pulling, or discomfort in the activities of daily living and working.

Swedish/Relaxation Massage:

Relaxation massage is a smooth, gentle, flowing style that promotes general relaxation. Also, it relieves muscular tension, plus improves circulation and range of movement. So this type of massage is performed with slower more rhythmic strokes to promote a general feeling of relaxation and well-being. In addition, it temporarily causes the body to relax by creating a physiological response. Also, it is accompanied by clearing the mind of daily demands.

Sports Massage:

Sports massage is applying massage and related techniques to ensure the health and well being of the athlete and to enhance athletic performance.   Major applications of sports massage are recovery,  remedial, rehabilitation,  maintenance and event.


- Jen's Pricing -

30 min   $45

60 min    $80

90 min       $120


Sauna & Compression

Wellness and Recovery Zone




Our Sunlighten mPulse 3 in 1 Infrared Sauna, which includes chromotherapy , and our Rapid Reboot compression system are the key components to our Wellness and Recovery Zone. 

Why mPulse Infrared Sauna?

- unlike traditional saunas which heat the air around you, infrared is a dry heat that raises your body’s core temperature from the inside 
- the benefits to infrared sauna are many including boosting of your immune system, pain relief, detoxification, relaxation, anti-aging and weight loss
- by adding light (chromotherapy) and sound (acoustic resonance therapy) we are able to customize your sauna experience to your individual goals and preferences
- The mPulse model’s Solocarbon 3-in-1 is the only sauna heater on the market that can provide all three infrared wavelengths - near, mid and far - at one time.

-To read more about all of the benefits of the Infrared Sauna:  Powerful Benefits of Sunlighten Infrared Therapy

Rapid Reboot Compression

- flushes edema (swelling), inflammation and lactic acid to help speed recovery
- increases blood flow to injured areas to aid in healing


Massage Gun

- soft tissue quality (muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia)
- great to be done in combination with a compression session
- get out the kinks with the gun and then flush with the compression.

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Meet Gabby.


Gabby graduated from Monmouth University, where she was a Division I basketball player, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Physical Education as well as a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. As a multi-sport athlete, Gabby learned the value of training and proper nutrition growing up in our family’s sports performance facility in Pennsylvania. This experience shaped her passion to help others perform at their best. Gabby also holds a Precision Nutrition Coaching Certification.

Fuel Zone

You cannot have optimum wellness, optimum performance and optimum recovery without optimum nutrition. It is very literally the building block of all aspects of our health.


As the saying goes "you can't out-train a bad diet".  But it is so much more than counting calories. It is what you eat in terms of macronutrients and when you eat them. It is about managing inflammation and insulin resistance. It is whether to use supplements or not and if so which are specific to your needs. It is about lifestyle changes and not fad diets.


This requires knowledge and expertise and it is why we are thrilled to have Gabby, through her company 7.7 Nutrition in Tampa, will be heading up our "Fuel Zone".

7.7 Nutrition is a Registered Dietitians office located in Tampa, Florida focusing on individualized diet plans and natural supplementation.


Gabby’s clientele includes youth athletes, professional athletes, physique competitors, weight loss clients, those with medical conditions and everyone in between.


Gabby and 7.7 Nutrition’s primary goal is to teach clients how to not only eat healthy, but more importantly fuel for their goals.